General Press

New York Best Live Entertainment (2011)
The Village Voice

"The music itself is unruly and lo-fi—a din of chaotic drums and distorted bass with warped cassette and keyboard accompaniments—but their performances are often high-concept."
Milwaukee Express (Editor's Pick)

Performance Reviews &
Art Projects

"Japanther takes aim at 'arts industrial complex' "
The Albany Times-Union (Feature)

"It’s either radical or reckless to give over a pristine performance space like EMPAC to a rowdy noise rock band like Japanther—we won’t know for sure until this weekend."
Metroland (Event Pick)

Art Fag City
(Link on top art blog)

The Japanther Phone Booth
Art On Air

Album Reviews

"You can call Japanther what you like: new punk rock, anti-pop, art-punk, party-punk or New York noise. Whatever you think fits best, the bottom line is that this hard-to-place power duo from Brooklyn is first and foremost an unstoppable assault of the half time, pop-driven, high-energy breed, and an undeniable example that punk rock still has its footing in the 21st century."
The Link (Canada)

"Nobody else could hope to produce such unconscious absurdity and deeply meaningful music. Listen closely, and you might even find this is their most emotional album to date. The sound is bigger, for sure."
Liquid Hip

"If you had to put your finger on what makes this band and its latest work standout from other current releases it would have to be in the way their music taps into the psyche of a certain generation."
Indie Blog Shot

"Brooklyn’s Japanther are single-handedly keeping the spirit of punk alive. With hit after hit and release and release, we still can’t get enough of them."
Sexbeat London

"It’s a serious bruiser from the very beginning taking the speed and pop sensibilities of The Ramones and crossing it with the crushing volume of Black Sabbath."
Get Bent

Pre-Release Buzz

Japanther Talk New Album: "It's about catharsis, and being in love in a time of darkness"
Exclaim (Interview)

People in Your Neighborhood: Ian Vanek of Japanther
The L (interview)

The Pacific NW Islander (Feature)

Brooklyn Vegan (Album and Tour Announcement)

Consequence of Sound (Album and Tour Announcement)

Exclaim (Album and Tour Announcement)

CMJ (Video Interview)